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Tired of your current Morning Skincare Routine? 2022

Welcome to a new year! While inspired on that end, I also considered my good friend asking me if I’m tired of my current morning skincare routine. This morning while journaling I thought of a clever ending to my journal post; “time flies like the wings of a hummingbird.” The inspiration came from looking at my right forearm tattoo and just reflecting on the past year or two.

Is it not true? Especially considering that the world was in a lock down for going on two years. Well, its true…admit it to yourself now and save yourself a surprise when you wake up and realize you’re in your 30s+. Maybe that was just my experience.

After reflecting on the last two years, I thought that today would be a great day to add a new blog post. I was inspired, reset, just finishing vacation, the holidays were over and we’d even taken down our holiday decorations already. So, lets start with my morning routine. I will disclose that this routine has been what I’ve done for most of 2021. It varies a little on the weekend since I have zero requirement to wake up at 5am on the weekends. But, the steps regardless of the time are generally the same. Follow my image list below for my routine!

I start with the gentle Simple facewash, followed by my retinol oil mixed with the hyaluronic acid serum and sealed in the the Olay 7 in one moisturizer. I typically pick up the same products from multiple different brands at my local retailer, usually Marshalls. Despite everyone not loving Marshalls, they truly do have top brands for lower prices.

After my skincare and if I’m applying makeup, these skincare steps do not change. My makeup routine has drastically changed since my last Youtube video. I’ll save that for another post.

And finally, I’m dressed and out the door. Now obviously, this is the shortened version of my complete morning routine but this is just focused on my skincare.

For the remainder of my body care, that’s usually a shower, face cleanser is accompanied with me in the shower, bathing happens with whichever of my favorite bath and bodyworks moisturizing shower gel and followed by it’s matching body cream or lotion.

I like to keep these steps in my life simple and consistent. Sometimes, I alternate the body cream with the Vaseline body oil but that’s the only change to that.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and motivation to start or stick with your morning skincare routine. We are only getting older so why not start taking care of the only skin we have before it’s too late.

Happy New Year 2022!