Welcome back…We’ve Got Something New!

Podcast Announcement

It’s been a long time everyone, but Heather B Nyce and crew are still thriving. We’re here to announce the latest content to be created as the new 7 On 7 Podcast with RJ and Audrey.

You all may have seen them grow up a bit in the J.A.R show podcast on YouTube but that was a few years ago now. But, they’re back with new, insightful, and wise words for their generation and more.

While there are a ton of podcasts to listen to these days on many different platforms, I urge you to listen to these two bright and intelligent teenagers who are wise beyond their years.

I’m not just saying that because they were raised by Nimo and I, I’m saying that because we did not chaperone the recording, they only told us the topic they were going t discuss and we only saw the content during editing. Just wow! Our jaws were on the floor listening to their perception of today’s issues within their generation and the generation before them.

But, don’t take my word for it. Check out the new 7 On 7 Podcast, uploaded weekly on Sundays for some insightful views.