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Nimo’s Top 10 Essentials

What’s up guys. I wanted to let you know that Nimo’s top 10 essentials is now live on YouTube. We’ve been working hard to keep the content coming consistently. We know you guys are enjoying it plus, why not finish the summer season off strong. Nimo’s 10 essentials are a great point of view for… Read More Nimo’s Top 10 Essentials

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Heather’s Top 10 Essentials | YouTube

Hey guys, Today I wanted to take the quick opportunity to tell you about my latest video. I’m all for having essentials in life. Most people have something they cannot live without. So, in my latest video I talk about just that…my top 10 things I can’t live without. These few things are just minor… Read More Heather’s Top 10 Essentials | YouTube

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First Makeup Tutorial is HERE!

Hey guys. It’s official. I’ve crossed o ER to the makeup world except you’ll find I do things a bit differently. I would like to welcome you to watch my first ever makeup tutorial. This video is a full face application using multiple products that I use on a daily basis. You can see the… Read More First Makeup Tutorial is HERE!

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Nike Pay Equality

As you all know, I talk about the Nike brand quite a bit here on the website. Well, they’ve been in the news recently and it’s not because the latest sneaker had a huge release like in the past. Nike has recently announced that they did a complete overhaul with the salaries of their employees.… Read More Nike Pay Equality

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Hypebeast Adidas | 3 Part-Series

What would a hypebeast post be without a feature from my favorite sneaker line? Nothing that’s what. As you all probably know, I love adidas. Nimo loves them as well and I like to think that he copies me…just kidding. We are 80s babies so if we didn’t love Adidas, I’d think we both had… Read More Hypebeast Adidas | 3 Part-Series

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Hypebeast Airmax | 3 Part Series

Next up in the three-part hypebeast series is dedicated to Nike Airmax. If you remember, airmax day was in March earlier this year and I believe this is when the shoe really got popular. Alot of the youngins weren’t even aware of what Airmax were until Sean Wotherspoon’s collab with Nike with his own shoe,… Read More Hypebeast Airmax | 3 Part Series

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Hypebeast Kicks Post | 3 Part-Series

So, every now and then Nimo and I like to take a few kicks photos just for the sake of the collection. First up in the series is the featuring Nike. I have on a pair of Jordan 85 Breds. These are one of the most hyped up kicks in the shoe game and I… Read More Hypebeast Kicks Post | 3 Part-Series

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Nimo & Heather B Nyce | Latest Fashion Pickups

What’s up everyone. Hope you all are having a good weekend and staying out of the heat. This post is all about our latest pickups in fashion and kicks. Nimo and myself pulled a few things together to show you guys the just a few things we’ve been waiting to rock this summer. A few… Read More Nimo & Heather B Nyce | Latest Fashion Pickups


New EPISODE | The J.A.R Show

Hey guys, check out episode 4 of the J. A. R Show now.

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Sofa Therapies | Episodes One & Two

What’s up guys? I just wanted to get on here and let you know about another series on Youtube by Nimo and myself called “Sofa Therapies”. This series is geared towards discussing some personal issues in life in addition to giving some insight on what’s happening in today’s society. With more and more pressing issues… Read More Sofa Therapies | Episodes One & Two