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Less Makeup To Look Younger?

Over the last month leading up to my birthday, I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a much more natural makeup look. I’ve almost cut out eyeshadow with the exception of a neutral skin toned color to set concealer, no eyeliner and minimal blush. I want to say this has been an evolving moment in my… Read More Less Makeup To Look Younger?


What’s The Meaning…

Hey guys, I’ve gotten this question quite a few times in my career of blogging, fashion and editing and I thought it was the perfect time to tell you all the story of how my name came to be Heather B Nyce…especially since its officially the 4 year anniversary of In April 2014 I… Read More What’s The Meaning…

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Comfy Style for the Fall Season

Hey guys, the fall season is setting in and the air is getting thin and chilly. I love it. It’s amazing compared to what the midwest and east coast are getting.  Living in SoCal has been glorious with the weather. So, I am giving you a different spin on a few fashion pieces. I did… Read More Comfy Style for the Fall Season

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Fall Look Series #3 | Sporty Urban Sexy

Back at it again with the third and final look in the mini fall series of outfit sharing. I hope you guys have enjoyed the first two looks so far and are able to put together your own ideas from what Nimo and I presented to you. We were definitely feeling ourselves. LOL. So for… Read More Fall Look Series #3 | Sporty Urban Sexy


Fall Look Series #2 | Date Night Comfy

Hey guys, welcome back to the 2018 fall look series. As August is in it’s final day you begin to wonder if you had an awesome summer or not.  You think about the travel you’ve done, the parks you’ve visited and the exciting restaurants you decided to take a chance on that you never tried.… Read More Fall Look Series #2 | Date Night Comfy

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Fall Look Series | #1 Comfy Casual

Hey guys, long time. I wanted to start this new series featuring 3 great fall looks to kick off the fall season. As the kiddos go back to school and the weather is finally starting to break, you can all but wonder about the fall looks that you get to finally put together. And even… Read More Fall Look Series | #1 Comfy Casual

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Nimo’s Top 10 Essentials

What’s up guys. I wanted to let you know that Nimo’s top 10 essentials is now live on YouTube. We’ve been working hard to keep the content coming consistently. We know you guys are enjoying it plus, why not finish the summer season off strong. Nimo’s 10 essentials are a great point of view for… Read More Nimo’s Top 10 Essentials

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Heather’s Top 10 Essentials | YouTube

Hey guys, Today I wanted to take the quick opportunity to tell you about my latest video. I’m all for having essentials in life. Most people have something they cannot live without. So, in my latest video I talk about just that…my top 10 things I can’t live without. These few things are just minor… Read More Heather’s Top 10 Essentials | YouTube

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First Makeup Tutorial is HERE!

Hey guys. It’s official. I’ve crossed o ER to the makeup world except you’ll find I do things a bit differently. I would like to welcome you to watch my first ever makeup tutorial. This video is a full face application using multiple products that I use on a daily basis. You can see the… Read More First Makeup Tutorial is HERE!

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Nike Pay Equality

As you all know, I talk about the Nike brand quite a bit here on the website. Well, they’ve been in the news recently and it’s not because the latest sneaker had a huge release like in the past. Nike has recently announced that they did a complete overhaul with the salaries of their employees.… Read More Nike Pay Equality