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Summer to Fall Skincare

How to stay hydrated through the climate change.

This is an age old question. How do you change your summer skincare routine into your fall/winter skincare routine. Some people may not know that your skin needs different textures or better yet, different thickness of creams and serums when the weather changes.

Personally, I go for lighter weight creams, less serums and one single eye-cream in the warmer months. But the colder weather is a different story. My skin is combo…meaning I have an oily but dry T-Zone, no acne problems, but also dry random patches on my cheeks or jawline. It’s weird. I also have a personal history of eczema which doesn’t make those pesky dry patches go away easily. I do not use steroid creams on the dry eczema patches though. Steroids are not recommended for the facial skin.

For the colder weather, I amp up the creams and serums and this is honestly when my skin looks the most clear and beautiful. I keep my makeup to a minimum, only using loose powders or a BB cream for foundation. I have used a few things in my routine but here’s honestly what I use the most. It can be found in any drug store also. Ponds facial cream. This is my household’s tried and true. And it actually does what it says. I’ve recommended it to a friend and she uses is too and has also noticed a difference.

Ponds Facial Cream

Be sure to listen to your skin this fall and winter. It may be telling you that it needs more hydration. But if you begin to notice acne or breakouts or texture, you may be using to much or to thick of a cream. Keep serums in your nighttime routine in addition to your eye-creams if you use them. And adjust your makeup routine to feed your skin.