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Tranquility In Home This Fall?

Top 5 Things to keep In Your Home This Fall For Peace & Tranquility

Peace of Mind

  1. Prayer

Now I know by now everyone should know about prayer, but do you understand how important it is in your home? Well fall is approaching fast, fall and winter are times to where the weather wears you down physically, mentally and a lot of times spritually. The sky’s get darker quicker and the hustle of the Holidays and work can make people lose their cool faster than normal. Prayer helps keep those dark entities out your home and even keep those that is energy draining out of your home with the gossip and bad vibes, the more you pray as a family or by yourself the more prayer not only changes circumstances but it changes you for the better and that’s always good for your home.

2. Bath & Bodywork Candles

Now it don’t have to be Bath & Bodywork Candles but some type of candles are great. My family and I perfer Bath & Bodywork Candles they smell incredible, and a home with a happy smell or whatever scent that brings that great feeling when you smell it is helpful. Candles set tones of peace and love, Candles just get you going in a matter of seconds in which your senses thank you for immediately.

3. Drinking Tea

Drinking Tea is just great of a taste and overall well being. Now tea is another stimulant of peace & tranquility and my family and I personally love lemon ginger and or chamomile both of those tea’s are great and it just leaves you calm and or sleepy two great things you want to feel in your home this fall and beyond.

4. The Color White Around Your House

The color white around your house is a very important thing. I know commercially it is meant to have fall colors in fall around your house but white is a sign of purity, fresh, New and light which when the weather is not so great your home stands in purity and fresh. For people that don’t know colors changes moods and this color around your home helps things to stay new and calm.

5. Lofi Hip-Hop Vibes

Lofi Vibes for those that don’t know is this calm only instrumentals beats on Youtube. This is one of the staples to calm and relax, my wife and I have played these tunes for an entire day lol. For only the music lovers I understand you want those lyric’s but music is a frequency try just the music and watch how your attitude changes 432hz music is always easy on the mind, try these 5 things this fall and transfer your home to complete peace and tranquility.

Stay Positive!!