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Top 3 outerwear pieces for Women this season

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As you mature, you realize that your outerwear is just as important as the outfit you are wearing underneath. No, that hoodie does not go with every occasion and definitely not  with every outfit.

Here I want to talk about the top 5 pieces of outerwear every woman should have in her closet. These items do no have to break the bank but keep in mind that they are investments you intend to have for at least the next 2-4 years, me personally a bit longer.

First up, I’d like to introduce one of my personal favorites. The Trench coat. This style can be put to use in a dressy or casual way. I’ve loved a good trench coat since my early twenties when a friend gave me two Express trench coats; one black with silk baby pink lining and the other was a beautiful creamy beige. I wore these coats religiously. 

Here is one that I purchased about 1 year ago from believe it or not, Forever21. This coat was about $49 and it has a pretty good quality. The suede is soft and it cleans easily. 

Next up, I have a very warm and very comfortable sports style Sherling jacket by Champion. This jacket is perfect for most casual styles and a great weekender for the lady whose feeling like a hypebeast for the day. Throw this on with sweats, leggings or jeans and leave the jacket to do the rest.

Black Champion sherling jacket
Black Champion sherling jacket

Last but not least and certainly my favorite, the all purpose leather. I written about wearing leather jackets plenty of times in my career and its a wardrobe staple that never gets old. This is the type of piece that it doesn’t matter what I wear, I’m always ready to throw on my leather jacket especially when the weather cools down a little bit. This one pictured below I’ve had for about 3 years now. It’s not a Wilson leather or anything but it goes to show that if you take care of your clothes, they tend to last pretty long and stay in great shape.

Classy leather
Classy leather

So guys, there are my top three outerwear that every lady should have in her closet for the fall season. Be sure to let me know what styles you believe should be added to this list of outerwear.