My top 3 shows to binge watch on the weekends!

What’s up guys! I wanted to share with you my top 3 shows to binge watch on that weekend where you don’t feel like doing anything but chilling in the house in sweats, dirty hair and a cup of coffee all day.

#1 Grey’s Anatomy | Anyone that knows me on a serious note, knows that this is a show I have been watching since the beginning. Now in season 16, I still have that same love in my heart for these characters and the storyline just keeps getting better. I have always been in the medical field myself and as I’ve grown within the field, I find myself learning new things that the show is actually talking about. Aside from it being a great learning tool, I also love the drama. But who doesn’t. #MerDerforever

#2 Greenleaf | This show is only on it’s fourth season but I’ve been hooked since day one. If you love family, God and a little bit of scandal, this show is the perfect fit. As a true Believer, I personally enjoy the sermons and gospel that is written so incredibly well in this show. And a little scandal never hurt anyone. However, at times the drama in this show can be a little overwhelming and you wish that everyone would just get their mess together. Overall, it’s a favorite for me.

#3 Keeping Up with The Kardashians | Everyone needs that one guilty pleasure in a TV show that you never admit to anyone that you watch but secretly you love it so much. My appreciation for this show came years ago. I really only watched it for the scenery of LA and for the fashion but then the story-line finally became slightly interesting which kept my attention. The entire family has a little bit of interest and I like that in between the un-necessary drama. Its just one of those shows you can play in the background while getting ready to leave the door… or sit at home and watch and not go anywhere.

#4, #5, #6 Honorable Mentions | Now of course those aren’t the only shows I find myself watching constantly but a few of my favorites are only getting started so I wanted to mention them as well in case my top three aren’t your cup of tea. The Good Place, How to Get Away with Murder, The First Wives Club, Grown-ish, Evil.

If you liked anything on this list let me know. Also, I’m always looking for new shows to watch so please suggest some to me. How would you like a movie series?