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Perfecting A Craft | Self-taught Piano Lessons

What’s up guys, giving you something else to read about besides what’s been in social media these days.

My birthday was in late January and when it came, I decided to pick up something that I learned years ago. I received a piano keyboard for my birthday and I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t believe I have the opportunity to learn again what I used to know pretty well when I was a junior in high school.

I took lessons back in the day but it was also because I took the class as an elective. I loved it. But What I have come to realize is that you learn totally different as an adult than as a child.

I’m a bit more impatient and I want to play like a professional already. Have you ever tried to learn something as an adult then get totally frustrated and want to quit a day into it. Well, I won’t be quitting but I do have to motivate myself to learn. At this time, I’m not taking professional lessons from a teacher or anything. I’m just going off of Youtube and a beginner book I picked up in Barnes and Noble.

Everything I continue to read just says, keep practicing, keep at it, don’t give up and boy…it’s tough. However, if I ever want to be like Alicia Keys or many of the others I aspire to be as good as if not better, I must take heed to the strong encouragement to continue practicing.

Right now, my schedule and desire alots me to practice on sunday afternoons. And I’m okay with that because it’s very calm and peaceful in my home when I’m practicing on those days. The window is cracked and the breeze is flowing and I feel like that just helps the music and the lessons flow through me.

One song that I’m trying to master at this time is Die With You by Beyonce’. Its a piano piece she’s seen playing in a home video and it’s so beautiful because it’s played so calmly and just to the tune of her voice and the words… it’s all just to much. I love it. I have the right hand down almost but that left hand of mines is just not big enough to stretch across all of the keys. I shall keep practicing though. And when I have a song down well enough to share with you all you will definitely know it.

Obviously it will be shared here on first. Let me know if you’re practicing something new or learning something as an adult that you’d like some group encouragement on. I’d love to hear!