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Sneaker News|312 Legacy Jordan Bred Low’s|Most Slept On Hybrid Sneaker Of All Time

Sneaker News

Well if you didn’t know about this sneaker or never seen it, let me pull you up to speed. This sneaker actually dropped early 2019 from a collab with sneaker expert Chicago’s own Don C. the 312 legacy Jordan is actually a hybrid of a Jordan 3, Jordan 1 and Nike trainer strap. This particular sneaker got a lot of hate and in hype reviews from plenty of known influencers, I’m here to tell you They Slept!

This sneaker is so dope because it will age just as good as a Jordan 1 or Jordan 3. This sneaker people will regret now and pay a ton of money for the up sale later, how do you pass on the best of both worlds sneaker.

The only thing I wish they would have done is put the Nike Air on the back but I understand it’s not an original sneaker. Other than that small detail these are fire!

I got a new unboxing of this sneaker coming really soon stay tuned!!

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!