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Love Today…During Stay-At-Home.

What’s up you guys. I hope you all have been staying safe and healthy during these unpredictable times. In my 35 years of life I would have never imagined practically the entire world would be shut down. Luckily, some cities are starting to get back to daily life with some strange alterations of course.

Since all of this, I wanted to touch on a topic I’ve been thinking about and observing for some time now. Love during quarantine. Whether its your spouse, mate, family or friends, how have you dealt with your love life? Has it gotten better in ways you needed it to, or has it gotten worse since you might be spending a significant amount of time now with your family members or friends that maybe you live with?

The love here in our home has generally stayed the same. Our children have been homeschooled for years now and working from home together with my husband is quite the treat. It’s what our family has always strived to do. Work all together from home where ever we are. Going through a crisis such as what’s happening now in the country should bring some together and make you feel as though you can go through anything together but to be realistic, it’s not like that for probably most of the world.

I saw a post on social media that wanted to highlight the real fact that some people are now at home daily with abusive partners and parents and leaving home was their solitude for a few hours. Some children only ate at school and now they are hungry twice as long at home because the family is ina financial crisis. These are real life stories that we may not be considering because our life is much different. But I wanted to keep those situations in perspective too.

So, with that being said. Let us all stay lifted in prayer, thinking about the positive and negative happening in the world right now and really reflect on blessings…and not just the big things but the little things too. Maybe you are observing something someone always did while you were gone and you didn’t appreciate it before because you didn’t witness it but now you realize how much someone you know has done without acknowledgment. Be sure to acknowledge those people.

Stay prayed up.