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Los Angeles|Fashion Details Of The Day|Jordan 5’s & Venice Beach Live

Fashion Details Of The Day

Heatherbnyce Sneakers: Red/Black/White Jordan 5’s Fired from

(Finish Line)

Heatherbnyce Jeans: All Black distressed jeans from (Top Shop)

Heatherbnyce Tee:George Basic All White tee from (Wal-Mart)

Heatherbnyce Hat: Straw Sun Hat from (H&M)

Heatherbnyce Hair & Makeup: Heatherbnyce

Nimo Sneakers: White/Black/Red Firered Jordan 5’s from (FinishLine)

Nimo Socks: Black classic Nike socks from (FinishLine)

Nimo Short Pants: All Black pocket short pants from (H&M)

Nimo Shirt: White long-sleeved Stussy shirt from (Packer)

Nimo Sunnies: Multi-color sunnies from (Tilly’s)

Nimo Snapback: Black Club Midnight Corduroy Snapback from

(Pharmacy Skateboard)

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!