Who’s Your Tattoo Inspiration?

New post alert, starting off with a question people rarely ask. Who is your tattoo inspiration? What I mean by that is, is there someone who you see who has a lot of tattoos, whether they be small, meaningless, or entire sleeves, who do you see, celebrity or not, that has given you tattoo inspiration?

I’ll start with mine but first let me tell you a little bit about my tattoos to date. I got my first one when I was only 16. Yes, I had parental permission. My mom sat there with me while I decided to go big or go home for a tattoo that took 3 hours.

*2 roses with the stems meeting in the spinal area on the mid-low back. It is not considered a “tramp stamp” because of how high it is which was intentional. So, you can’t see it if I sit down and my top rises a little.
*Moving on a few years later, I got another small rose on my foot, where you could see it with flip-flops on. That was the trend back then.
*Next I got the Chinese symbol for “Husband” on my inner ankle and my husband’s name on my outer leg.
*Fast forward to my next one. Top right shoulder blade, Lilly with a butterfly and my kids’ initials surrounding the flower.
*Moved to California and found a really dope tattoo artist who specialized in single lines and detail and I got the Unalome with a Basquiat crown at the end in RED Ink! This is one of my absolute favorites. Then the artist moved to the LA area and I was bummed for a while. Finally decided to go back to the same shop though and it brings me to my final two tattoos.
*”Mother” on my left forearm in beautiful script and and Geometric Zodiac with the Aquarius water sign in the center. The artist that did these two also specialized in the single line tattoos.

So, finally, who’s my tattoo inspiration…..Zoë Kravitz!!! She’s an American actress, singer and model. She is also the daughter of actor-musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. She’s a beautiful spitting image of her mother. She currently has about 55 tattoos but they are all very small, dainty and just simple. I’m sure they all have a special meaning and if they don’t thats fine too. I love simple, small dainty tattoos that are eloquently placed and add a touch of accent and style to the body. It’s almost like permanent jewelry.

So, I’ve kept you long enough. Please tell me who your tattoo inspiration is and tag me in your latest ink. I’d love some new inspo.