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We Rock Together|Top 5 Unisex Accessories Of 2019 | Sprinkle Of Hype

We Rock Together

1.Goyard Print

Goyard print
Goyard Handbag
Goyard wallet

Goyard is the goto for 2019. This accessory is that print that always stands out and I personally feel that the Gucci, Louie Vuitton, Givenchy and Dolce prints are getting played out. Goyard is that new invention of the cool (even though it’s not new) that goes with everything for him and her.

2.Fear Of GOD Hats

FOG hat
Even Bieber wears it!

The Fear of GOD hat created by Lorenzo has become the most sought after item in this time. The accessory of the Old English “F” has been worn by everybody, near and far. This hat is just plain old dope for him and her.

3.Louie Vuitton Sunglasses

The biggest influence out of this list has to be these Louie Vuitton Sunglasses better know as the Millionairs. Re-created by none other than Off -White creator Virgil Abloh (Chicago in the building). He has made these sunglasses a very hot commodity and a very dope accessory of 2019.

4.Off-White Belt

Off-White Utility belt

Now I know the Off-White belt isn’t the newest thing on the market but don’t sleep this is still the hottest accessory of 2019. This item goes with anything, even slacks. It sticks out like a sore thumb and has the subtle stunt feeling that you want when you don’t want to over do it, a him and her most have of 2019.

5.Suicoke Slides or Sandles

Suicoke Slides

This Japanese brand Suicoke is the new thing of comfortable but dope individuality of footwear. It has that “what are those” factors with the a real interest of the shoe. The hype is real with these and so is the copping of them. Really comfy really interesting accessory for him and her of 2019.

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