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Top 3 Boots Every Fashionable Man Need In His Rotation

No Sneakers Here

Diversify Your Wardrobe

Top 3 Boots

  1. Bottega Boots

The Bottega Boots better known as the chelsea boots, is a very fashionable shoe when you want to come out them sneakers and get grown and fly but hip. You need this pair in your wardrobe. This boot you can dress up and dress down the expansion of wearing this boot gives you more freedom to dress and not just dress in what’s hype, The shoe every man needs.

2. Yezzy Boots

Yezzy boots is the boot that blend together both lifestyle and performance aesthetics. This boot is often over looked simply because I feel a lot of guys don’t know how to style the military type boot. Fall and winter is near and I know every man are going to cop Timberlands, so what that’s easy, change it up so you can style while having a rebel type feel.

3. Doc Martens

Doc Martens is another rebel feel type boot. This boot you can literally dress up in slacks and a sweater or go all in with an entire suit. This is what fashion is all about diversity and whats more doper than showing up with Doc Martens to the party and stand out.

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