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The Hype|Top 3 Essentials To A Hypebeast Room|Dope Essentials

Hypebeast Room Essentials

1.Dope Collection Of Sneakers

Now to have a Hypebeast Room you definitely need sneakers this makes up 80% of the room, at least to me. Sneakers are like art on the wall when it’s done correctly, sneaker collecting is very trendy now but the sneakers you collect depends on you and how unique your room can be. You have to surround yourself with inspiration of dopeness and this is a main key to do so when you considering being about the hype of Art.

2.Dope Collection Of Magazines

The more fashion and kicks magazines the better. Spread these around the room so, when you want to read or just look at pics for inspo it’s only inches away. Magazines are still important when it comes to the feel of a certain mood of a room and when you’re creating a hype room you need dope publication to add to the inspiration.

3.Black Basketball

I know you thinking what a black baketball have to do with hype. Well I personally believe a black basketball is rare and even more rare just in a inspirational room chilling. We all use to the Orange ball but the black just reks fly and dope, a must have for your room.

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!