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Casual Feet|Top 3 Casual Sneakers Every Man Should Have In The Stash|Must Haves

Top 3 Casual Sneakers

  1. Air Jordan 1’s – Black/Red

This sneaker is the original first sneaker of the greatest that ever played the game Michael Jordan in 1985. This sneaker is a must have because it goes with anything even if you’re not matching the color of the shoe, this shoe will forever be respected and dope. This sneaker will never get old and holds a fashionable prestige in the culture, a must have in your rotation.

2. Adidas Stan Smith – Green/White

This sneaker will be a favorite for ages. This Adidas sneaker was created by the tennis player Stan Smith and crept into the culture by being an overall casual yet dope sneaker worn by Pharrell and other fashion icons. You need this sneaker if you’re older and not into the hype of today you won’t miss with these at all, a must have.

3. Nike Air Max 270’s – University Gold/Red/Black

One of the dopest sneakers of today to me pesonally. The Color way of the sneaker is eye catching and dope. The biggest reason to have this casual sneaker is because it’s a very comfortable sneaker overall. But besides the color or comfortability it’s creative and simply at the same time perfect for the casual man that want some “pop” on the feet for the day a must have.


Stay fashionable!!!!