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Relationships|Top 5 Things To Do, To Become A PowerCouple

Money not on the list!


1.Listen To Each Other

Listening to each is a very important component to any relationship. Listening to listen and understand rather than to respond is key. Understanding each other is powerful! Listening brings answers which being compromising love to where each person feels a strong feeling of belonging where their are. This falls in line with communication and we all know how important communication is.

2.Support Each Other Purpose/Path

Your purpose and path is just not important it is the most necessary to your life. Now to be a powercouple, you have to know your power and how can you use it to help and uplift others. Before you guys meet you had purpose, so you can’t be insensitive to that person path to find their purpose. This normally makes or breaks relationships simply because when people become self aware of their purpose/path their time is dedicated to just that. The power in supporting each other purpose/path is managing time, emotions, self care/couple care ….if your spouse understands this you probably that persons twin flame which is a whole nother story.

3. Fuck What People Think Of You Guys Together

This part is very very important in a time where social media is ones biggest image. Say it with me “Fuck What they think” because what other people think is their personal business, not yours. When you’re building incredible foundation with your significant other, here comes the comments on social media, job, or mostly family functions. People love to take their fears of love, career, parenting, sex, religion, politics, money and put it on you guys……and I know you wonder why people do that? Because as a couple you might have the most potential to become powerful. And if you they can put doubt in you, they win, stay faithful in what you guys or doing that’s it.

4.Have An Incredible Individual Style

Who wants a partner that have no sense of style? I’ll wait…… No one wants a person that can’t dress, here’s why… DRESSING is a part of personal character and their success. You ever been in school and they say dress to impress or for success, well that’s what they meant. When your mate has style you don’t mind dressing alike because you trust their personal style and they won’t have you out here looking like a clown. Presentation is everything and they way you present yourself and style as a couple that’s just as serious as everyone else will take you.

5.Break Generational Curses

Breaking generational curses makes the power you guys seeking so much more worth it. Now everyone generational curses are different but as a couple you have sit down and discuss what they are and how the buck stop with you guys. Make plans, moves, pray and have plenty faith and be non toxic to each other will always ganuratee to break those chains, Now go be powerful!