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Dope Watch|Top 3 YouTube Channels For Fashion & Culture | Fashion/Culture Television

Dope Watch


Now complex I personally have a love hate relationship with. On one hand some of their topics are silly yet dope due to the fashion exclusives and segments like “Sneaker Shopping” are still hot and dope depending on the guest for that week. Overall this channel have done well to get people to tune in everyday no pun with “Everyday Struggle” which has been controversial since that show started. The complex crew like it or not is a place for the millennials and those that like dope ish like myself, this channel is leading the charge of fresh ideals.

2. Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety is a classical yet urban slept on channel. This channel as far as fashion, takes you all the way into fashion from the runway to the behind the scenes of how those pieces was made. They also have segments of your favorite artist shop with them and shows those chosen artist taste and style. The segment “Cop or Drop” also have the pulse on the culture of Fashion and even Hip-hop, really dope channel.

3. Round 2

Round 2 is the most significant of the other 2 channels because it’s not just a channel but a actual store for you can shop, trade, or cash out on the dopeset hype ish. Round 2 is really dope because this channels shows the lines of the people in that area lined up for every opening. The interaction of the people and the store gives you that authentic feel not just discussions of the crew which is really cool. Sean the owner of Round 2 has took this channel and gave you insight to what’s not only dope in culture or to you but the people of Los Angeles, Virginia, Newyork and Miami on one channel you can’t get better free television than that.