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Los Angeles|Top 5 Hoodie Essentials|Hoodie Season

Hoodie Season

  1. The Tie Dye Hoodie

The tie dye hoodie is an important essential because it goes with everything and gives it a touch of dopeness and vintage, which everybody now days are feeling that vintage look and feel. This hoodie is always noticeable because of the colorway and always a go to when your sneaker game is just too crazy to choose a color with this hoodie you should have no problems choosing.

2. The Where You Get That From Hoodie

This type of hoodie is a must have amongst hoodies. This hoodie is different from other hoodies you may have in your arsenal and it is esstential for that reason alone, this Ambush hoodie is when you want a little hype to your hoodie game especially here in Cali. Hoodie season is not complete until you have some hypebeast in your hoodie style and this is it.

3. The Black Hoodie With Small Brand Name

Now who don’t need a black hoodie, everyone that has a collection of hoodies have a black hoodie. But you might want some flair with your basic black hoodie, the small brand name type hoodie is a essential, because you don’t want to do too much but want to be noticed with your swag this is the esstential hoodie to go to which is Fear Of GOD by the way.

4. The My Favorite Print Hoodie

This type of hoodie is for those that has that favorite movie or quote by they favorite artist or poet. This is the essential hoodie for the errands on the weekend and lay around the house type feel. Everyone has a favorite saying and or movie I think it should be displayed, shows your character without saying it, essential for many personal reasons.

5. The Gray Hoodie

And then there was the neutral color Gray was born. I personally feel Gray hoodies is my all time favorite because it just goes with everything and balances the entire outfit including the sneakers. Gray hoodies is a clean aesthetic and a clean look overall definitely a essential for the top 5 hoodies look.

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!