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Los Angeles|Are Used Sneakers The New Wave?|One Person Trash, Next Person Treasure

Used Sneakers

Used Sneakers in the sneaker world is Brown upon right? I would have to say right now yes but not for long here’s why, OG Sneakers are going up in price because of resale especially of sneakers from Jordan, Nike, Adidas and so forth. How long you think people gonna pay high prices for shoes they plan on wearing for a years to come. If you notice a lot of brands are making sneakers new look old already and the asking price is ridiculous!

Resell I have completely reshape the minds of the consumer, making people think if you don’t spend high there’s no high quality in the sneaker. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not copping sneakers that’s super trash but a scuff never hurt nobody if the sneaker is an OG or a resell gem.

From the sneakers I’ve run into lately they have been in good shape just overlooked and underprice and to be honest every real sneaker head are looking for the sneakers that’s “overlooked and underprice”. A OG used Jordan 1 look as sexy as the ones that just dropped but the used one are more vintage ageing like fine wine. The brands understand one thing spend less on making the sneaker and bust heads at the register, I’m here to put you on game, the older the sneaker the better the quality buy used because unconventionally they already doing it.

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