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Los Angeles|Fashion Details Of The Day|Sunday

Fashion Details Of The Day

Heatherbnyce Boots: Black vintage mid boots from (Zara)

Heatherbnyce Pants: Blue distressed jeans from (Zara)

Heatherbnyce Hoodie: White vintage 1996 Brooklyn string hoodie from (Sports store)

Heatherbnyce Coat: Sandy Trench Coat from (Forever 21)

Heatherbnyce Sunglasses: Blue & Yellow Sunglasses Tint From (Mo’Eyewear)

Heatherbnyce Hat: Black skully from (H&M)

Heatherbnyce Hair & Makeup by: Heather B Nyce

Nimo Boots: Light Brown military style Yezzy boot from (Yezzyseason2)

Nimo Pants: Blue distressed jeans (my favorite distressed jeans by the way) from (Zumiez)

Nimo Hoodie: Orange string hoodie from (Zara)

Nimo Coat: Black & White trench coat from (H&M)

Nimo Sunglasses: Clear Blue & Canary Tent sunnies from (Pharmacy)

Nimo Braids: Done by Heatherbnyce

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!