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Do you try to stay in shape during the holidays?

Guys, the first week of December is already halfway over and we’re just getting started with the parties, get-togethers and all of that glorious holiday food that we love to eat so much.

With Thanksgiving under our belts (literally) have you considered how much weight you may have already put on. We know that during the winter months, we tend to gain a few pounds because of the food, deserts and parties, but do you care about it? Or, is it something that’s to be expected and you say to yourself, “I’ll start my new workout routine at the top of the new year?” Personally, I don’t scale watch. It’s bad for your mental health. Counting ounces and pounds can drive a person crazy and who wants to deal with that when you really just want to enjoy that pie that your granny makes every year.

So, my question is…do you try to stay in shape during the holidays? Like I said earlier, I don’t but in my case, I know how not to over eat and how not to indulge in the sweet potato pie.

For my peeps that do try to stay in shape, is it because you have a gym membership or do you stick to your at-home routines? Being healthy is very important and I wouldn’t want to sway someone one way or the other when it comes to fitness. So lets consider the simplest things to do to burn off the ham, turkey and that delicious mac n cheese.

  1. Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of H2O, especially following cocktails. Also don’t fill up on sugary drinks that tend to accompany our meals.
  2. Get small portions. When you know there will be alot of sides to try and of course, we want to try them all, consider getting smaller portions of each thing instead of larger portions for not wanting to go back to the kitchen.
  3. Say no. Out of respect for your aunt who always insist you try everything she has made, even though you don’t want it, learn to say no…followed by a thank you of course. She’ll be ok with you not trying the banana pudding that she makes every single year. Yes, she will tell everyone that you didn’t want it but it’s ok. The moment will pass.
  4. Mingle aka walk. When your weird cousin whom you haven’t seen in like 9 months asks you to come with her in the kitchen, upstairs or out back, feel free to take that walk. All of the back and forth between family members and the errands your granny now needs you to run through the house will get you moving and burning some of the food that you’ve consumed through the night. Take that walk.
  5. Dress comfortable but a little snug. If you know yourself, and if you feel you might eat a bit too much, put on something that will clearly remind you to slow down or stop. For me, that’s jeans. The minute I feel like if I take another bit I will need to unbutton and unzip them, that’s when I know it’s time to stop eating. Hopefully you get to the stopping point before you need to ask your brother for a pair of sweats but you get the point.

So, those are my ideas for maintaining during the holidays. Again, I’m not that person who will work out but the thing I listed are exactly what I practice during the holidays. Enjoy guys. The season is among us and it’s a very joyous occasion.