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  1. Crewneck Sweatshirt

A crewneck is an essential in April because the weather is not all the way back to beautiful and super warm everyday. I wouldn’t say this is hoodie weather every single day but a crewneck yes, it’s not super heavy no hood attached and super plain and stylish for the weather, a go to esstential especially for this weather.

2. Basic Skully Caps (Different colors)

These caps are still needed even in April, of course don’t wear the super duty heavy ones but the light basic color style ones. In April it’s still windy and rainy but even when it’s mid 60’s\70’s these are cool to wear match them up and rock it with any outfit without the heavy coat warm and essential.

3. Track/Jogger Pants

Now who don’t love a good comfortable jogger or track pants. These pants are truly comfy and super durable, these pants are a essential piece in any closet and basically in any weather. But in this weather you might not want to wear blue jeans all the time and want the need to be comfy but on the go stylish, these pants are the true go to.

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