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Dope Frugal Essential Finds|Top 3 Frugal Essential Finds|Little Treasures

Dope Finds

1. BAPE SOCKS $29.00

Socks are always an essential everyday of the week so why not, wear socks that’s fire and frugal. These socks would be flying off the shelves if we weren’t in quarantine times, I don’t think people too concerned with socks but when you do, these them joints.

2. Mifland Joggers $65.00

I discovered this brand on Instagram just strolling like millions are during at this time. This brand have some really dope pieces other these joggers but these joggers is the move, from the lettering to the basic fit of them, they dope and most important cheap essential.


We all hope all is well by the summer, so why not start copping your summer essentials right now. These are basic shorts with the logo that hit hard on a summer day especially in California. Slam is a logo most of us grew up on that played basketball but even if you don’t these are still clutch Champion shorts for a nice price.

Stay positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!