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Can “The Coolness” exist in Parenting? | Lets Talk About It

It’s 2019 and it seems like social media and cell phones are raising the kids today. Everyone has one and there are far to many people who feel that children need them. But, try arguing this topic with the parent of a child who has been near or been victim of a school shooting. All of them will tell you that they are thankful their children had cell phones.

I can’t argue that topic specifically, however I can argue the topic of being a cool parent. This is something my husband and I have…”The Coolness”. See, we home school our children and even though the influence is significantly decreased, there is still Youtube, Netflix and movies that tend to deliver undesirable messages to our kids.

“The coolness can only be had if you as a parent stay up to par with what your kids are possibly learning and picking up on. So, all of those social media apps…yes you need to know how to use them and even have access to theirs if they have their own accounts. This in addition to knowing the latest style, language trends, and just being plain hip to what’s going on in the relm of your children will aid in your “Coolness”.

My husband and I touch on the subject of raising kids in our soon to be released book 1Eleven. We will have more information as the release date approaches. Until then, make sure you subscribe to the email list to stay up to day on all of “The Coolness”.