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Sneakers|Top 3 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Sneaker Knowledge|Kick Some Wisdom

Sneaker Knowledge

1.Jaysse Lopez


Jaysse Lopez is the owner and founder of Urban Necessities. Started with just a $40 investment has grew over 6 years to a $25 million dollar business and the most notable Youtuber of the sneaker culture. Definitely follow for the dope sneakers and it’s real worth.



Mayor, a huge sneaker collector from the Bronx, NewYork has an estimate over $750,000 worth of a sneaker stash, that alone is enough for people to follow him. His basement of sneakers has become legendary in the sneaker culture being aired with some of the big dogs of content culture. Mayor is a collector that has a lot to say about sneakers and the people associated with them.

3.John Geiger


John Geiger is a popular designer, initially known for being football player Darrelle Revis’ business manager. Now I think John is a little different from the first two because his knowledge is good but it’s all his brand and name and who would be more knowledgeable than the person creating it. Geiger has a unique vision which should not be over looked in the sneaker culture, go follow.

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