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Resale Heaven|Top Reselling Sneaker Of 2020| Nike SB The Wave

Resale Heaven

Nike SB was met with resistance from core skaters when it splashed onto the scene almost two decades ago. Nike SB remained a relatively underground ting until 2005 when releases such as the “Tiffany” dunk in collaboration with Diamond Supply Co.

The “Pigeon” dunk from Jeff Staple caused hype, riots, and steep resale prices. In an era where a whole new generation of kids need a new look and hype the SB Nike is the forgotten sneaker that in 2020 that’s about to pop all over again.

As the years went on, SB’s went from a guerilla-marketed phenomenon to a not so well kept secret. The shoe boxes went from silver and pink to black and blue. No sneaker remains hyped forever and that’s the main reason this sneaker will be golden next year.

I always knew this sneaker will get back popping to where it was at first. I don’t think a lot of people was in tune with these but next year this will change, so advise buy buy buy now cheap and of course resell high and flip, simple, plus this just a dope sneaker to have anyway.

Stay Positive!!!!

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