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No Photos Please| Top 5 Selfie Photo Style Pics You Can Take Your Self|Hype photo’s

No Photo’s Please

1. The I Got Fly Kicks & Accessories Selfie

This pic is the most famous because who don’t want to see the feet on any pic. But this pic also get your hype accessories and location without over doing it definitely for the sneaker hypers, dope pic.

2. The All I Need In This World Of Fashion Is Us

This selfie is always the go to when you feeling yourself and the love of your life in a place of fashion, it just speaks for itself. We fashionable in a place of fashion type pic, dope selfie.

3. The Quick I See A Mirror I Flash Selfie

Now this selfie is just to remind you I got some fire on for today. This selfie is done by the world pretty much because it’s on the fly in fly, dope selfie.

4. The I’m Outside In The City Looking And Feeling Dope Selfie

This selfie is for all the people that love their city and love to show it, in selective dope city wear. This is about location location location and the location represents me just as much as the clothes do, dope selfie.

5. The Hurry up baby, Reservations In An Hour Selfie

This selfie is great for the couple that has that life size mirror in the house and want to show their outfit off right before they leave to go to dinner. It’s perfect, who needs photographers when you have this size type mirrors in the crib, dope selfie.

Stay Positive!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!