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Los Angeles|Fashion Details Of The Day|We Flyer & Bomber

Details Of The Day

Heatherbnyce Boots: Brown over the knee boots from (Zara)

Heatherbnyce Pants: Blue distressed fitted jeans from (H&M)

Heatherbnyce Tee: Black/White vintage AC/DC logo crop drop tee from (Zumiez)

Heatherbnyce Jacket: Green zipper Bomber jacket from (H&M)

Heatherbnyce Hair & Makeup: Heatherbnyce

Nimo Sneakers: Gray/Peach runner Nike from (FinishLine)

Nimo Pants: Blue distressed jeans from (Tilly’s)

Nimo Shirt: White/Black distressed thin sweater from (Zara)

Nimo Jacket: Green zipper thin bomber jacket from

(Urban Outfitters)

Nimo Braids Done By: Heatherbnyce

Stay Positive!!!!

Stay Fashionable!!!!!