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Hype News|Top 3 Shoes “If You Know, You Know” Type Hype

Hype News

  1. Matthew M. Williams Modular Nike Attachment

Matthew was in his bag with this removable Vibram sole which speaks to the modular cushioning and aggressive straps. This is not your normal hype shoe but if you, you know pretty dope hype. $500.00

2.Rick Owens

An under the radar sneaker that is sought out but pricey. Upscale sneaker mostly hype but fly with anything you wear, if you you know. $1390.00

3.Air Force 1 Low CPFM

Cactus plant flea market and Air force 1 did they thing. This shoe is only sold through the Nike by you customization platform at in your choice of black or white base. You are able to choose a nylon or leather tongue add “Flea” “Sunshine” or “Air” lettering to the left shoe and pick 7 different colors for a reflective underlay beneath those letters. If you, you know $790.00

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