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Fashion|Top 3 Los Angeles Brands Every Man Should Know About This Fall|LA Wardrobe

Los Angeles Brands


Los Angeles designer Jerry Lorenzo founded Fear of God in 2013, quickly becoming a streetwear status symbol through his of the moment executions of current ready to wear. This is a brand that every man can layer and you can still feel comfortable and fly doing this fall weather. This brand gives you the today look with a of the future feel very dope line.

Fear of God x Chapel NYC “Chapel of God” release at Maxfield in Los Angeles. Photograph © Diane Abapo.


Founded in 2013 by wunderkind designer Rhuigi Villasenor young L.A-based menswear brand RHUDE has managed to garner coast to coast accolades in a minimum of time. RHUDE is a newer brand that’s lately been talked about a major takeover and I agree. This brand is great especially this fall, another layer style but a little more dressed down feel between vintage and classy really dope brand to pay attention to this fall and beyond.


L.A -based designer Daniel Patrick founded brand in 2011 with his wife and even tho he was born and raised in Australia, Los Angeles is his home. The brand was built off of stepping out his comfort zone. His pieces are staples in the off duty of models and celebrities. This brand is sleek and calm yet famous, great look for fall with his track suits and layer wear.