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Fashion Mood | Top 5 Male Hip-Hop Songs That Put You In A Fashionable Mood | Rap & Dress Pt.1

Fashion Mood

1.French Montana “No Stylist” Feat. Drake

No Stylist is one of them joints that you really start to feel yourself when the beat drop, it has fashion written all over it, French is repeating no stylist throughout the song while you might be in the mirror repeating all the words while feeling your own style. Even the video fits the fashion sense you get from it with cameo’s from the likes of icons like Slick Rick to Dapper Dan.

2.Asap Rocky “Fashion Killa”

Fashion Killa is a really dope song and a nice beat. Asap being the fashionable person he is knew how to make the listener feel his fashion while feeling the fashion sense of his women. The hook goes she’s a fashion kills and I’m a trendy ni$$a, makes you have that us against the world feel while you and your significant other gets ready. The video is him dressing and shopping with his girl true hypebeast ish, dope.

3.Kanye West “Wolves” Feat. Frank Ocean,Vic Mensa & Sis

Kanye West Wolves is a weird sound of a song which makes it artistically dope. I truly feel Kanye always use fashion references in every song since 2003. But this song is on another level of fashionable songs because this has a iconic feel of fashion mixed with confidence on a 1000. Kanye is a fashion leader and other fashion brands knew this song could represent their brands as well and the main one was Balmain using it in their runway show, art and fashion at it’s best.

4.Wale “Fashion Week” Feat. G-Eazy

Wale “Fashion Week” song is just that fashion! But the thing I love about this song is, it was made by a guy to create an instrumental for her fashion week type of walk or feel. Truly dope that you can actually play this for Los Angeles fashion week or any city fashion week for that matter. It’s a good vibes song, you and your fashionable lady or friends will not only feel good when this joint playing but still feel the vibes after this song stops and that’s how you know you got a hit!

5. Jay-Z “Change Clothes” Feat. Pharrell

Change Clothes is a classic fashion song for many reasons and if you’ve never heard this joint shame on you. Let’s get into why this melodic song is a classic fashion joint, well this is why, this song was pevital in Jay-Z career because he literally changed clothes from baggy jeans to suits physically and figuratively. This that joint when you feel like changing your wardrobe meaning friends and colleagues to C.E.O’s and bosses this is the most favorite joint to put on, the video gives you the fashion runway location with the pharrell voice singing in the background “Change Clothes and go” while Jay-Z goes “bout to take em to the top of the globe” dope fashion boss moves song.