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Fashion icons in their influence on teen style

By: Audrey Luna

Fashion icons and influencers on fashion in our generation have truly taken style to new heights. It’s undeniable that many individuals draw inspiration from mainstream artists, incorporating their distinct aesthetic into their own personal fashion. While some may adopt a complete emulation of these icons, others choose to add a touch of their unique style to create a truly individual look.

Take Tyler the Creator, for example. He is a true style icon for teenagers and our generation. With a blend of casual and vintage elements, his fashion choices captivate and intrigue. From waking dresses to colorful ensembles, Tyler’s bold and eye-catching style leaves a lasting impression.

Another iconic artist that resonates with many young girls in our generation is Ice Spice. She brings back the early 2000s and Barbie-inspired looks, which many find irresistible. From cyber y2k influences to embracing femininity, Ice Spice’s fashion choices have become a source of inspiration for numerous individuals.

It’s important to note that while we draw inspiration from these fashion icons, we should never aim to completely replicate their style. Instead, let’s use their influence to understand and develop our own unique fashion sense. There is no harm in admiring the styles of our favorite musicians and celebrities, but ultimately, it’s about embracing our individuality.

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