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Cool Ladies|Top 10 Around The Way Girl Looks|HomeGirl

Cool Ladies

Around the way girl meaning

A girl who lives in a neighborhood, usually urban, and who all of the fellas wanna get with, whether its for a relationship, or they just wanna chill. A girl who is confident, independent, intelligent , and street smart. This kind of girl usually has a sharp attitude, and knows how to have a good time. She doesn’t need to dress in skirts or high heels to look sexy, she could do the same rocking a pair of Jordans or Chucks.

  1. “I do me” Home Girl Look

2. “Yeah I still got my purse” Home Girl Look

3.”Girls wear the best jersey’s” Home Girl Look

4. “Dog, stop playing with me” Home Girl Look

5. “I’m too player, to play games” Home Girl Look

6. “Mary J. has always been my inspiration” Home Girl Look

7. “I look better in it than your homeboy” Home Girl Look

8. “I slay, but I’m cozy” Home Girl Look

9. “I been popping, all by myself” Home Girl Look

10. “You can’t change me, goodby” Home Girl Look