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Hey guys, I’ve gotten this question quite a few times in my career of blogging, fashion and editing and I thought it was the perfect time to tell you all the story of how my name came to be Heather B Nyce…especially since its officially the 4 year anniversary of HeatherBNyce.com.

In April 2014 I reached out to a company who covered celebrity and entertainment news after they’d done a publication for my husband who’s a musician. The publication was good but I felt it was something that I could have done to be honest.  So, when I inquired about writing for the site and they granted me the opportunity, I was thrilled. I’d never blogged before and in order to be set up, I needed a name. The company was based in New York City and I vowed to myself that I would only cover this type of news in a positive way. There was already a “Heather B” and nothing else really rang a bell for me so I played on my name, the location of the company, wanting to be nice instead of rude and negative in media and thus we have “Heather B Nyce” (NYC- E) pronounced Heather B Nice. I started out covering the latest news and topics that were happening in social media and it was pretty cool. I even went to NY to cover a story that got a lot of traffic and it upset a few people as well…because I was being honest. 

Fast forward to later that year, I was approached about blogging for another company out of New York. This came after one single, simple comment regarding the cover of K. Michelle’s album cover of her being full nude on a DJ’s Instagram.  I was given the opportunity to contemplate sharing my opinion across a larger platform that was self-titled by a well known radiohost/DJ. However, shortly after this I was considering my own platform of blogging. Thus came heatherbnyce.com which launched on my birthday, January 22, 2015. What a great present to myself. 

I’ve since relocated from the midwest, hosted a DJ show that broadcasted live from my website and I’ve even relaunched my website, re-branding it for my love of beauty, kicks and art. 

So, there you have it…the meaning behind my name. 

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Posted in an alley for a dope sneaker shot.

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