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“Because I’m Happy”. Guys, I had such a wonderful time this past weekend with two of the coolest ladies I know. I was invited out to The Happy Place Museum. #WeAreHappyPlace is the hashtag they use and I must say, it was pretty damn dope. I’m the type of person that would barf at the thought of a “Happy Place” but because I was thought about to be invited, I said…what the hell!. I don’t regret it one bit. The minute I walked onto the terrace of the entrance, I was filled with this strange joy. Seeing my girls so excited to be there made me, well, kinda happy. LOL. Corny I know.

We waited outside for a bit and the weather was windy and actually a bit chilly for downtown LA. Luckily I was dressed appropriately and didn’t freeze my butt of. Once it was our turn to enter (they were taking people in groups) we were welcomed by Happy Place employees. They didn’t seem that happy to be honest. But, we were.

The place was pretty the minute we walked in. Flowers, smiley faces, trinkets, hangy things, etc. There was stuff and bright colors everywhere. We had so much fun and they allowed us to take photos with our professional camera and our cell phones. They lines got a little long as we were waiting to take pictures at certain spots but it was worth it. Didn’t hurt to have a very happy person with me as well. LOL.

Tickets are available now through May 27th. It would be a great place for the kids and your family in general from ages 0-92…lol. Have fun and don’t worry, be happy.

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