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City Of Flight Jordans Look | Inspired by PressedATL owner

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post dedicated to my kicks collections. Believe, I’ve missed it. But do you agree, there just hasn’t been many dope kicks drop recently? Besides the Airmax customs by Sean, we haven’t seen anything authentic and different. I personally don’t like to buy the same shoe everyone… Read More City Of Flight Jordans Look | Inspired by PressedATL owner

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1 Eleven Book Docu-Series | Purpose

Hey guys, I’ve got another post update for you. As I stated in my last post about Family, I’ve been very busy with other projects and you actually already know about this one. The Book and Docu-series 1 ELEVEN will be available for purchase summer 2018. Nimo and myself have already started discussing some of… Read More 1 Eleven Book Docu-Series | Purpose

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Cozy Clothes LA Weather

What’s up guys. Its been little difficult to draw inspiration from my surroundings when it has been nothing but cold and raining here in southern California. I’m sick of it….absolutely over the weather. Last year this time it was in the mid to upper 80s. Today, its a whopping 54 degrees and raining like we’re… Read More Cozy Clothes LA Weather

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Updated Desert Photoshoot feat. Champion Sport

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EPISODE 1 | Podcast & Breakfast with Nimo & Heather B Nyce LIVE NOW!!!

Welcome to episode 1 of the Podcast and Breakfast series with Nimo and Heather B Nyce. New episodes will be here and on youtube every other saturday at 8am pst. Enjoy!  

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New Exclusive Download by Nimo | “Renaissance Man”

I decided to release another track off my latest album, The Gallery Album, titles Renaissance Man. This seemed like the perfect time for this track. I base my music on what I believe the world needs at that time.  


Podcast & Breakfast | Nimo and Heather B Nyce

What’s up guys. We are excited to announce a new show that will be airing bi-weekly on Saturdays @ 8am here on and on Youtube starting March 3rd, 2018. Podcast and Breakfast. You will see us sitting comfortably at home in our bed having coffee and discussing the days’ social media topics and whatever… Read More Podcast & Breakfast | Nimo and Heather B Nyce

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What Happened to CA weather?

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what happened to the California weather? I’m in total shock at this cool front that’s been coming through southern California lately. So much so that I had to break out my faux leather pants. It wasn’t too cold when we decided to take a stroll to the local art… Read More What Happened to CA weather?

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

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Courtside with Adidas & Nimo

Hey guys, I know…it’s been a minute. Life has just been rolling but I promise I won’t leave you hanging. Since the weather warmed up here in SoCal I had to re-evaluate my closet and swap of my winter gear for my summer gear. So, here’s the perfect example of clothing transition. I decided to wear… Read More Courtside with Adidas & Nimo