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Cozy Clothes LA Weather

What’s up guys. Its been little difficult to draw inspiration from my surroundings when it has been nothing but cold and raining here in southern California. I’m sick of it….absolutely over the weather. Last year this time it was in the mid to upper 80s. Today, its a whopping 54 degrees and raining like we’re… Read More Cozy Clothes LA Weather

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Updated Desert Photoshoot feat. Champion Sport

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What Happened to CA weather?

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what happened to the California weather? I’m in total shock at this cool front that’s been coming through southern California lately. So much so that I had to break out my faux leather pants. It wasn’t too cold when we decided to take a stroll to the local art… Read More What Happened to CA weather?

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Courtside with Adidas & Nimo

Hey guys, I know…it’s been a minute. Life has just been rolling but I promise I won’t leave you hanging. Since the weather warmed up here in SoCal I had to re-evaluate my closet and swap of my winter gear for my summer gear. So, here’s the perfect example of clothing transition. I decided to wear… Read More Courtside with Adidas & Nimo

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BKA Presents | Holiday Outfit Series #2

Hey guys, so as promised I’m going to keep you in the loop about this holiday seasons easy go-to outfit ideas. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I think its time to get back in the gym. We still have a few weeks left before we over stuff ourselves with tons of food again, so the… Read More BKA Presents | Holiday Outfit Series #2

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Desert Shoot With Leather Artpieces

Hey guys, The holidays are fast approaching us and so I thought it was about time I get some posts up. I’ve been working on something new and exciting with the hubs that I cannot wait to share with you. It will consist of some new content obviously with a video to start. So while… Read More Desert Shoot With Leather Artpieces

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Leather and Suede For Fall

As fall is now in full swing, it excites me to be able to venture to the other side of my closet… you know the side with the sweaters, boots, booties and scarves. Yes, that side. Well, as the weather finally cools and the air gets crisp. we can finally dive into those cozy clothes… Read More Leather and Suede For Fall


My Adidas

Remember the song by Run DMC? Check it out. I know, I’m throwing it way back with this song and it’s actually older then I am but it highlights the post for today. When I was a child, we were fond of the regular priced sneakers and the name brand expensive clothing. I didn’t own… Read More My Adidas

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Pantene Has New Hair Care: Relaxed & Natural

Hey guys,  was given the opportunity to try the Pantene Pro-V line with shampoo, conditioner and their hydrating butter creme. No, I was not paid for this review. I will be giving my honest opinion regarding these products and I will include some photos for your consideration. I have been using these product for about… Read More Pantene Has New Hair Care: Relaxed & Natural

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Evening Casual Outfit

Hey guys, just wanted to bring you this cute summer outfit that is perfect for this heatwave. I like the fact that I didn’t have to pair heels with this fun and flirty dress for date night. I still felt super dressed up without the discomfort of wondering where we are going and if my… Read More Evening Casual Outfit