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Cozy Clothes LA Weather

What’s up guys. Its been little difficult to draw inspiration from my surroundings when it has been nothing but cold and raining here in southern California. I’m sick of it….absolutely over the weather. Last year this time it was in the mid to upper 80s. Today, its a whopping 54 degrees and raining like we’re… Read More Cozy Clothes LA Weather

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Updated Desert Photoshoot feat. Champion Sport

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Happy New Year from Heather B Nyce

Happy New Year guys! Are you ready for the new year. I can’t believe it’s already 2018. However, it was very easy to write. 2017 was a very transitional year for me. At the top of the year I revamped my website to how you see it today. I moved from writing about celebrity news… Read More Happy New Year from Heather B Nyce

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BKA Holiday Outfit Series #6 | Happy New Year

Hey guys, So this is the final look in my Holiday Series for Beauty | Kicks | Art. I hop you’ve enjoyed the looks I was able to piece together for this series. It was very special to me because it was the first official series here on the website. With the new year coming,… Read More BKA Holiday Outfit Series #6 | Happy New Year

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A Blushing Holiday Season | BKA Holiday Outfit Series #5

Hey guys, I cannot believe it is only 12 days left before Christmas Day. Are you all excited for the reason of the season. I wanted to know how you all felt about the mayheim that happens around the holiday season. What I mean by that is the gift buying and crazy toy shopping that… Read More A Blushing Holiday Season | BKA Holiday Outfit Series #5

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BKA Presents | Holiday Outfit Series

As the holidays are now in full swing, you might be stressing about what exactly to wear to your family or work functions. Well, I got you covered. In this upcoming series I will be showing you how to piece together some of your favorite comfortable clothing items and how to spruce up the look… Read More BKA Presents | Holiday Outfit Series

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Desert Shoot With Leather Artpieces

Hey guys, The holidays are fast approaching us and so I thought it was about time I get some posts up. I’ve been working on something new and exciting with the hubs that I cannot wait to share with you. It will consist of some new content obviously with a video to start. So while… Read More Desert Shoot With Leather Artpieces

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Fall Is Finally Here

Hey guys, who else is happy that fall has finally decided to show up. And I don’t mean with just the date on your calendar, but with the weather. I absolutely love the change of the weather. It has crisp dewy mornings and cool chilly nights that are perfect for layering your favorite pieces of… Read More Fall Is Finally Here

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Too Late For White?

Hey guys, So now that we’ve passed Labor Day, I was curious as to who still follows the “no white after Labor Day” rule? I personally believe it all depends on where you live. If you’re in a warmer climate with more tropical weather in the fall and winters, then WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY IT… Read More Too Late For White?

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Peach N’ Pumas

Hey guys, This is a super late upload but sometimes you have to pace your audience. The look below was a simple weekend errands look and comfort was needing. The top was purchased at Forever 21 last spring and I just decided to wear it. Black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe in addition… Read More Peach N’ Pumas