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Question For The Unsigned Artist.

In a world where there is an exponential amount of streaming, digital and social media outlets some might think that the latest unsigned artists are becoming lazy and not working as hard on their grind as in the years prior. I can definitely see why someone would think that.

I’ve seen artists place a flyer or a link to their work and then call it a day. They believe they have reached markets and the public in such a way that they should become noticed which is wrong! But, I’ve also see a few artists that work so hard on their marketing and promoting themselves that you can’t help but see them on every social media and website out there. They have simply put in the work and refuse to rest until they are heard by someone who can change their path.

The thing is…many people offer platforms and ways for artist to be seen, heard, played, spent and many other options but none of these things are actually working for the artist. Even when someone decides to come out of their pocket for a couple hundred dollars to be placed on one of these platforms…what are they doing for you the artist? Nothing. You know why? Because it doesn’t stop at just being placed on a platform. You as an artist must still share, post, link and promote whatever site or platform you’re on. Thus we have the lazy artist. They believe that the person giving them the opportunity will do this for them….WRONG.

But there is one platform that will… So, if you are a bit lazy, don’t know how to get your music or visual content seen or heard, ya girl is here to help. Want to know how??? Inquiries are widely accepted at This does not mean however you won’t have to work…because you definitely will. I’ll just simply make it a bit easier.


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