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Pantene Has New Hair Care: Relaxed & Natural

Hey guys,  was given the opportunity to try the Pantene Pro-V line with shampoo, conditioner and their hydrating butter creme. No, I was not paid for this review. I will be giving my honest opinion regarding these products and I will include some photos for your consideration.

I have been using these product for about 4 weeks now. Since being natural (4 years now) I have been an avid consumer of all products for natural hair. In the past I’ve tried some of the best over-the -counter brands and I have been very dissatisfied with them, until I found out I was going to be selected to try these products. They have been circulating all over the internet and the YouTube links for natural hair girls. Some reviews were hit and some thought it was a miss.

Before stating my thoughts, let me inform you of what these products claim to do. “A breakthrough line designed to provide strength and moisture to African American relaxed, natural or transitioning hair. This superior care and styling line was co-created with African American scientists, stylists, and dermatologists, who understand the unique needs of textured hair. Each product in the Gold Series collection is powered by Pro- V nutrient blends, and protective conditioning and repair agents formulated to work together to improve moisture, strength, elasticity, smoothness and shine.”

I have personally enjoyed using these products. I shower and use the shampoo which doesn’t leave my hair feeling squeeky but soft and moisturized. The conditioner is a little thin for me. Since I sometimes like to use my regular wash-out conditioner as a leave-in I was hoping for the same moisturized, shiny effect but that didn’t happen. The hydrating butter creme was a slight challenge for me. I don’t typically use cremes for my hair whether doing a wash n’ go or a blow out. I tried this on both methods of my hair and I didn’t like the texture. Or, maybe I used to much. LOL. But, on my most recent blow-out I used the butter creme in a dime-sized moisturizer just before blow drying my hair and it didn’t leave it weighed down and left it shiny just the way I needed.

So, overall I LOVED the shampoo. Conditioner and Butter Creme were ok but overall I’d give these products 4 stars.

I included some photos of me since I’ve been using these products.

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