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No BET 'uncut', Instead We Got Punk'd

There was tons of speculation that BET was really going to bring back the adult-rated video series ‘Uncut’, particularly when Pooch Hall “leaked” the news of the show’s return at the Players Awards but instead they left us with jaw-drops as their viewers waited last night for it’s premier.

After denying that the series was returning, the network went on a campaign to promote it as if it was going to truly return last night at a new time slot, 11 P.M.


Instead we got ‘BET Punk’d’ as the new show. Nelly seemed to express his discontent via twitter, But since he has a show on BET already, it’s hard to say how authentic his disappointment was.

How many of my readers really wanted to see BET ‘Uncut’ return? Leave a comment below.

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