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Nimo's EP is $400


Yes, it has been announced that Nimo’s EP is $400 but not to break your pockets or to be disrespectful to the ones that support him, but more so to hold a respectable value on his art.

I had the pleasure of listening to the full EP and its nothing short of greatness, ambition, and inspirational game spitting lyrics. The fact that this is his last EP, he wants the listener to understand his mind and how great he wants to be as he said in his verse from “Bring it”, You fishing for wrong shit, I fish for the moment. Shit deeper than these catfish that I’m gone get.”

What I guess he’s implying is that he wants to do better things in his life. Nonetheless, if you want the EP at a much more affordable price then he is asking that everyone should @ him on any of his social media platforms with his album cover and you can get it for only $15!!!

And I quote, “If you want my EP only, which I consider my painting, Its gonna be $400. But if you want to become apart of my journey and my movement then all of my products will always be less for those individuals.”

Looks like this will be a no brainer. The music that is dropping now a days is not valued from the maker (artist) all the way down to the consumer. But, if you want to be apart of a new movement of music and true hip hop then $15 dollars will be nothing for the quality of product. (That’s if you @ him on Instagram or Twitter)

You can find Nimo here: Instagram@nimo_official Twitter: @rickyrico82 Facebook: NimoOfficial

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