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New Visual | “Renaissance Man” | The Breakdown

Well let’s get right in to it. Now that the video is out, I know people gonna say what is the meaning? The meaning of “Renaissance Man” is a person of knowledge and talent in many areas of life. I consider myself very knowledgeable in many things. When the video first comes on I’am walking with a bag in the desert and looking back. The look back with the bag in my hand signifies me coming from a place of growth. The bag signifies the knowledgeable things I’ve learned from my past…my own baggage; which I’m still growing to become a better person and finally getting “the bag” from what I learned and grew from to take on my new beginnings.

The wine glass and bottle in the video represents my small celebration in that moment of what GOD brought me out of. You have to stop and smell the roses every once in while. Now to sum the video up, it’s me chanting “I knew the world would love it” signifying everything I built was going to make sense and win for bigger causes. Now that you know, enjoy the vid!!!!!!


P.s My wife and I directed and produced this video, thats dope to me alone.

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