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Less Makeup To Look Younger?

Over the last month leading up to my birthday, I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a much more natural makeup look. I’ve almost cut out eyeshadow with the exception of a neutral skin toned color to set concealer, no eyeliner and minimal blush.

I want to say this has been an evolving moment in my love for cosmetics and beauty. I still like the occasional full face beat but for the most part, my routine is full more about skin and base that consists of moisturizer, brows, matte and pore-less Maybelline FitMe foundation, Tarte shapetape concealer, a few loose powders to set everything, easy bronzer also used as blush and highlight.

I’ve been told that this has made my appearance seem more youthful or even that I’ve had cosmetic surgery. I think it’s just easier and I’m just over the full eyeshadow look. Sometimes, the more makeup you wear can tend to age you. Who wants to look older if you’re not 16, right? Not me. So, I’m wearing less makeup to look younger.

Turning 34 was a little bit of an eye opener to me. I want to take care of myself better, stop procrastinating so much and just do whatever I put my mind too. I know this is easier said then done and I am the worst at procrastinating but I want this year and all that come after to be full of accomplishments of completing what I say I will. Starting with self-care. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going back to the gym because I absolutely hate that place but I will make some changes to my overall health regimen. We all must start somewhere.

Let me know what’s on your minds that you would like to change and what influenced the decision. Mines has definitely got to be that I’m approaching the mid thirties mark.

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