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LaVar Ball’s $495 Shoe & Nimo’s 2015 $400 album: Crazy or Brilliant?

If you had not heard, 19 year-old UCLA Bruin, Lonzo Ball recently released his own shoe for a hefty price of $495. When he released the price of his shoe which is not in collaboration with any known brand such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Under Armour, the internet went a bit crazy. His father LaVar Ball, sited that he personally felt that’s what the shoe was worth and that the price was symbolic to ownership for the entire family.

Now, Lonzo Ball isn’t the first person to sell his product for an exponencial amount that’s not normally heard of. Nimo released his first self-titled debut album in March 2015 for a whopping $400. The album was exclusively available for purchase right here on You can check out the story below.

The significant similarity between these two people is that they are both stressing ownership and self worth of their products. If people were understanding of their self worth then they wouldn’t be placing importance on brands, markets or consumers on how much their product is worth.

Ironically, Nimo is releasing his new album, The Gallery Album: Art At It’s Best, and he says that he’ll foot the bill for this one, stressing that since its his product, he has the power to do whatever he wants. Plus, it’s his final album. YES, FINAL ALBUM!


Ps, know your worth.

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