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June 1st | Tons of New Content OTW!

Hey guys. What a time it’s been. We are damn near officially in summer. Here in southern California we have no idea from day to day what its going to feel like. A few days ago we had high 60s and now we are approaching the 100s. WTactualF?

Anyways, with all of the content we’ve been putting out on Youtube and Instagram, I haven’t had the time for the blog. In addition to everything, I’m still trying to finish this book with the hubs that will be out later in the summer. I’m so excited. I hope you all are as well.

Please check out the most recent “Podcast & Breakfast” episode 5.

And, we have started another new series called “Sofa Therapies”. I will be filming my episode this weekend and hopefully it will be up by Sunday…Maybe. Don’t hold me to that. We all know how I like to procrastinate.

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