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What Is J.Cole Saying In His New Music Video?


This song seems to be saying that everyone should get off his “junk” but his visual content is not matching this song. I personally wish some of these artist would use their platforms to tell us what they really mean when they are writing songs like this.

A part of the hook goes, “F**K ni**as blocking my shine, I know the reason you feel a way, I know just who you wanna be, so everyday I play the man upstairs, I hate you and you had me. GOMD.”

My opinion on this is that artists are using their image along with their songs that are maybe supposed to be uplifting or just pure entertainment and they are making videos, documentaries, or additional visual content and pushing a totally different message. I recently wrote about this same concept with the release of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’.

So J.Cole plays this rebellious house slave with the intent of setting his people free. He’s tired of watching his owner and the family live like kings. He rallies up the slave gang and attacks the family. Coming to a happy ending of celebration that the slaves are free. But this song says nothing like that.

What happy to artists making visual content that promotes what the song is saying instead of pushing more history of hardship in everyone’s face. Isn’t everyone done with seeing this type of content. I personally wish J.Cole would contact me so that I can ask him what he feels his song is saying vs the video.

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