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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Hey guys, today is the day of love…right? For so many of you, this day is nothing more than a way for retail and floral companies to hike up prices for the world to buy into what they are selling, such as flowers, candy, cards, bears, and jewelry. But, for some of you Valentine’s day is more and you’re still in that honeymoon stage of the relationship of buying all those things because maybe you don’t know how to say “I Love You” without all those things. And that’s okay too.

So, lets talk about love for a moment and what this day has meant to me for the last 16 years. Since being with my husband, of course you can bet that we’ve done all the things listed above. But there is much more to love than a single day in the calendar year. Our thing is, “If I show you I love you every single day of the year, why should we dedicate this corny day of gimicky stuff to eachother? I hope you all can agree to this.

We are the type of people in love like we are still in college…if you can’t tell from our photos. We do gifts, flowers, date nights, homemade dinners, small getaways all the time. So February 14th really has no meaning to us. When you’ve been showing eachother how much you love eachother everyday then you don’t need this commercialized day to prove it.

So, here is my dedication for V-day. Try loving someone everyday just because you do for an entire year, regardless of the day and then you’ll know where I’m coming from.

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