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Happy New Year from Heather B Nyce

Happy New Year guys! Are you ready for the new year. I can’t believe it’s already 2018. However, it was very easy to write. 2017 was a very transitional year for me. At the top of the year I revamped my website to how you see it today. I moved from writing about celebrity news and entertainment to totally writing about what makes me happy.

I decided to take full control over heatherbnyce.com ( I MEAN TOTALLY), I stopped djing which was fun as hell, and I wanted to focus on making my website totally about ME. I believe that I can offer something very unique to the lifestyle marketing spectrum. Know what that is…myself. So, remember, no one can be you. They can only try to be like you. So with that being said, 2017 was pretty damn good. Then, I cleared out things and people I didn’t need in my life, opened up to new opportunities and saw more of California. I love it btw.

The content will not stop in 2018. It will only get better. There will be more lifestyle photos, more videos featuring my husband and maybe even the kiddos and just more positivity. GOOD VIBES ONLY. So, I want to start the year off with a look that I captured on Christmas Eve. It was a very pleasant day and I was actually pretty warm in what I had on after awhile. I’ve debated to start giving make up details here in the posts as well. But comment on the post and let me know if that’s something you’d want to see. Or if you’d prefer a tutorial on my hair and makeup looks. Again, I said there would be more content coming.

Crew neck sweater and jacket from Forever 21

Jeans from Rue 21

Boots from Guess

On the Hubs: Both sweaters from H&M

Jeans: Levi

Shoes: Nike Jordan 1

Nimo | Heather B Nyce

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